The application is a gateway between (dutch) HR applications and Okta for provisioning users to Okta

At this moment the application NMBRS is active. Our vision is to connect in the near future to multiple HR environments.

The connector is an one way connector from NMBRS to Okta, for provisioning and mastering user accounts. The following features are supported

  • Import Users

  • Import Groups

  • Profile Mastering



You need a contract with NMBRS and you need the rights to create an API token.

If you don't have NMBRS already, they have free trail versions available at https://www.nmbrs.com/nl/freetrial

2. IAMConnector

Please contact us at support@iamconnector.com for a free trail account.

Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions

  1. Login in the IAM Connector and Add a new Connector

  2. Create a NMBRS Token.
    See for more instructions https://support.nmbrs.nl/hc/nl/articles/115003926251-Nmbrs-koppelen-via-een-API-token 

  3. Create a username and a strong password for the Okta site

  4. Optional: enter the days before and after the employment to create and suspend/remove the account

The configuration will looks like this:

Testing the NMBRS Connector

Go to the [HR Lijst] and select the HR-Connector. This will fetch the users from the HR system and shows the information that will be passed to Okta.

Okta configuration

Go to the Provisioning tab of the IAM Connector in Okta Applications.

In the General tab

  • Select "Do not display application icon to users"
  • Select "Do not display application icon in the Okta Mobile app"

In the Provisioning tab
  • Select Enable API integration

  • Enter by Base URL: https://iamconnector.com/api/Okta

  • Provide the username and password you have created in step 3

  • Click on "Test API Credentials"

  • Click on "Save"

In the Provisioning tab: To Okta
  • Select by Application username format: Email (default)

  • By Profile & Lifecycle Mastering: enable "Allow to master Okta users"

First Run

For the first run, do a Import Now as the Import tab in Okta and verify the results

Schema Discovery

Nmbrs Mapping show

NMBRS veldIAMConnector
EmailWork (or Prive Email)appuser.email
Active-actief contract + x-dagen ervoor en x-dagen erna

Troubleshooting and Tips

If you have troubles with the connection, please take the following steps to debug the issue.
1. Go to https://iamconnector.com/HRLijst and press [SHOW].This should result in a list of user accounts.
if you don't see a list of user account, please check the NMBRS logging
a. https://[company name].nmbrs.nl/
d. check the last use of the API-token by hover over the i
e. check if the API-token is correct

2. Go to https://iamconnector.com/Log and see if the users are retrieved from NMBRS. For more information also select Debug in the top and Apply filter

3. If Accounts are created, but not updated in Okta
- go to the Application settings => Provisioning => To Okta
- by "Profile & Lifecycle Mastering" select "Allow IAM Connector to master Okta users"

4. Check the Okta logging for issues. If the import is working correctly, you should see something like this: